Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What? Look who's back?

While I was in the process of applying to grad schools, it was fairly common for people to tell me how hard grad school was. Fortunately, I'm so goddam smart that I knew they were just underestimating me. 

When I was accepted to a grad program, the acceptance letter mentioned that I might want to ease into things because, again, grad school is hard. 

"Fine. If you say so, grad school acceptance people," I replied, haughtily flicking my enormously long cigarette ashes onto a nearby urchin. 

During my first advisement appointment, while picking classes, my teacher mentioned it again. 

"These classes can be intense," he said. "Take it slow." 

Naturally, I threw back my head and laughed like a Zima-buzzed schoolgirl. 

"Slow indeed. Maybe for you, ignoramus!" 

Welp, here we are, midway through the second semester, and I can tell you with the utmost confidence that grad school is hard. It does things to a person. It will siphon away their leisure time, and writing time, and free-will reading time. Fortunately, for those last two, it replaces them with productive alternatives (if you're in an MFA, at least). The leisure time, however...that's just gone. 

So that's my sob story about why I've been gone. Now I'm back. 

In my time away, I've done the following things: 

  1. Wrote a couple of stories. One of them is about a pair of characters that I've been toying with using in a serial project to be sold on Amazon. Nothing about that yet, of course (haven't even written or outlined the serial yet), but the group reactions to the trial story were fairly positive. 
  2. Started becoming a Master Gardener. Still have a few classes and some volunteer hours to fill, but I'm getting there. If you need to know how to plant a tree, trim Lilacs, or identify those weird brown spots on your tomato leaves, I can help. 
  3. Began learning how to bind books. What writer isn't obsessed with weird looking blank books? What writer wouldn't want to make their own? 
So where are we headed as a blog? Picture this: 

Bam! Now that, friends, is a combo platter straight out of hell. 

Just call me Gluecifer. 

Talk to you soon. 

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